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by Matt




From season to season there is only one trend that lives on throughout and that is denim. Rain or shine, and if you’re anything like us, your trusty old denim jeans are always at the for front of your wardrobe and can be incorporated with just about anything. This is the same with Wraps, because of the many different colours, styles and designs they can also be combined with countless outfits.


The Shirt

An effortless casual look, there’s nothing more classic or comfy than a basic shirt. Plus, figuring out how to wear one of these is pretty much a no-brainer since they go with everything. Brown leather Wraps would go perfectly with this look as brown/tan and denim are fashions new fallback combination.


The Jeans

We all have our favourite jeans, whether they’ve been lived in for years or are fresh off the rack oh-so-trendy skinnies, roll them up to the ankle for a chic style that works wonderfully for showing off a great pair of heels or for men a pair of fresh creps. Pair with Flint or Lagoon talk Wraps and you’re ready to commute anywhere in style in your much loved jeans.


The Skirt

Ever wondered how to wear a denim skirt? Done right the denim skirt can be paired with multiple outfits and can look awesome! If you're ever struggling with what to wear with anything denim, just add another denim, denim colour or grey to the mix. The trick to pulling it off is to pair different shades. Likewise, this can be done with Wraps add our different blue colours as well as flint to this look and you’re on to a winner.


The Shorts

Though you can wear them during most of the year, denim shorts are every summer’s favourites. Oversize tee’s and denim jackets go as well as your casual converse. Natural leather Wraps perfectly tailor to the cool skater style jean shorts naturally embody.


The Jacket

Denim jackets are the best because you can wear them with literally anything, they usually lend a casual vibe to any outfit. The same with Wraps, you can pair any colour with a denim jacket, classic pink to add colour, natural leather to add texture literally anything goes!


By Hannah


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